A lot has changed since Joe Sorgiovanni planted the first Valencia orange tree in our home in Harvey in the early 1940’s, but we’ve remained focused on one thing - creating honest-to-goodness produce that tastes  as good as it can. It’s that simple.

Today, we have a wide range of fruit juices and drinks which accompany our farm fresh dairy range. And whilst our offering has increased, one thing hasn’t. We’re a Western Australian brand  and we do things a bit differently to others in Western Australia. We take our time, use a mix of traditional and modern methods, and work with nature to produce the most wholesome products so you can taste authentic Harvey goodness in every drop. That’s why  our products are made from fruit sourced both within Western Australia and across the globe. 

We’ve got something special here at Harvey Fresh and we enjoy sharing that with the families of Australia. 

That’s our way, that’s the Harvey Fresh Way.