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Kids Corner

How does Harvey Fresh milk get from the cow to my glass?

1.       We pick up the milk from our Harvey Fresh farmers. We have milk trucks and drivers who go to the farms and collect the milk from the farm daily.
2.       When the milk truck arrives back at Harvey Fresh, we put it into a silo which is a large tank.

3.       The milk is standardised if we want to make low fat milk.   Cream is the fat in milk and we take some of this out so people can buy healthier milk  such as Lite milk which has half the fat of normal milk.
4.       We pasteurise the milk. Pasteurization means heating the milk to remove harmful bacteria and prevent the product from spoiling.  Our milk is a 100% natural product and we have never added anything to our milk.   We simply heat the product to ensure that the milk is safe to drink and bottle it.
5.       Straight after pasteurizing the milk goes into a milk bottle.  We make our own milk bottles on site at Harvey Fresh!
6.       The milk goes into a big fridge.

7.       Our Harvey Fresh truck drivers load up with milk products, and deliver them direct to the stores ready for customers to buy.
Our milk can be milked from the cows and filled into the bottles the same day!


How is long life milk made? 
Long life milk is milk that is heated to a higher temperature than normal fresh milk. This is sometime known as UHT or Ultra Heat Treated Milk. This kills all the bacteria in the milk, so it lasts longer.  We package the milk into special milk cartons under very clean conditions and the milk is able to be stored in the cupboard for many months without going off.  UHT milk requires very good quality milk so that it keeps for a long time.


How is Harvey Fresh Orange Juice made?

1.       We employ people to help with the whole process; from picking the oranges to driving the Harvey Fresh trucks to deliver the juice.
2.       We grow a lot of the oranges ourselves in Harvey and we also buy oranges off some of the local growers in our region.
3.       Orange juice production is quite similar to what you would do at home. We wash the fruit then crush the oranges and catch the juice.  Of course our orange crusher is quite large!

4.       The juice is then pasteurized.  Pasteurizing involves heating the juice for a short time to kill any yeast which causes mould. Once pasteurized, the juice is chilled.

5.       Some juices we make have other ingredients, such as other fruits, so we make up the recipe (with a lot of taste testing to make sure it tastes perfect!).
6.       We bottle the juice on a bottle line. This is a bottle filling machine which takes the bottle, fills it with juice and then fills the next bottle continuously.  The filling machine even places the cap on!  
We make our own bottles here at Harvey. We buy plastics beads and have special machines to melt the beads and form them into a mould, shaped like a bottle. This is given to the bottle line to fill.  The plastic is a special food grade plastic, so it's safe to drink from.
7.       Once the bottles are filled with juice and capped, we put them into boxes and into the big fridge. From the fridge our Harvey Fresh truck drivers deliver the juice to stores.

How do you ensure the best quality milk?
Harvey Fresh Farmers must meet the Harvey Fresh Farm Standard of Excellence.  Within this standard the elements of:
Animal Welfare,
Quality & Food Safety, Environment, Good Manufacturing Practice and People make up the requirements of the farms to supply us milk. The elements of our standard reflect the values and ethics of our company.